January 4

I am pleased to announce my partnership in LitSisters Publishing, a boutique publisher specializing in high quality fiction by women authors. Each partner is an acclaimed author in her own right and, together, the partners bring over sixty years of business, marketing, PR, R & D, and entrepreneurial acumen to this new era of publishing. We have taken our destiny into our own hands and are excited to empower other women authors on their journey to publication and beyond. LitSisters is currently producing our 2010 list . Please check in with us later this year for information on submission opportunities for our 2011 list. For more information, please find us at www.litsisterspublishing.com.  Further, we invite you to join our LitSisters writing community – open to all writers – at www.litsisters.com.  Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates, tips and news.