December 28

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I was Guest Muse at the Moody Muses blog in June. Read the interview at Moody Muses.

An article about Audrey and LitSisters appeared in Attribute Magazine, the day we launched our boutique publishing house!

Here’s an excerpt:

The five women met about a year and a half ago when Audrey Wyatt started a writing critique group after moving to Arizona from Boston. She needed to finish her novel, so formed a writer’s critique group to help her out. One by one, the ladies came together, and the group soon became a networking group. Each woman brought her own unique strengths and resources together to help each other with their respective manuscripts.

“We were starting to get frustrated with traditional publishing, which is at a real turning point,” Wyatt explains. “It’s gotten to the point where if you’re not that top 10% of publishing authors like Stephen King or Dean Koontz, for example, then you can’t make it. They’re not looking for new voices, so they’ll publish the ones they know have an audience. Self help and romance are huge. But there’s no room anymore for new voices. So we thought [with] the way publishing is changing, we’d take our destiny into our own hands.”

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