January 28

I’m getting ready to go to Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday party. That sounds like it’s really something, doesn’t it? Or WOW! I must be really impressive to score that kind of invitation, right? Yeah, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited. But not for the reasons you may think. I’m sure there will be hundreds of people there and I don’t actually know any A-list stars or anything so I’ll just be among the unwashed but invited.

No, the reason I’m really excited is because there is a very surreal component to living in LA and when it shows itself to me, I always marvel. Here’s how it works: I go about my days in the way I always have, post-move. Now that we’re settled into the house I’m getting my business going again. I’m still the chauffeur of choice for my fifteen year old. I write, I edit, I’m trying to figure out how to offer my workshop online. I look forward to date night with my husband. But once in a while the separate dimension that is Hollywood intersects with my very normal life. And each time it does it’s an amazement.

Like the time we were sitting at one of our favorite restaurants, The Reel Inn. CCH Pounder, a great character actor, walked right past me and sat down at the next table. She had dinner with several people, another of whom I recognized. My oldest, Emma, summed it up when she commented that while she knew we’d see famous people now that we lived here she never expected that they’d eat at the next table. Or when we went to see Cirque du Soleil at the Kodak Theatre. You know, the Kodak Theatre where they’ve held the Oscars forever. It’s a truly incredible place. So there I sat in the sixth row – yeah that’s right, where the nominees sit – and wondered what famous tushies had graced the seat I was in. Even though I was swept away by Iris, the show I saw, I couldn’t get my mind off that question.

And now I’m going to Ellen’s birthday party. While I know her, having enjoyed her particular brand of humor for many years, she certainly doesn’t know me. She hasn’t read my book (I assume) and isn’t familiar with any of my work. But I’m going to have a blast. Because whenever my world collides with the world of the rich and famous I have the chance to marvel, once again, at how we exist in the same city and yet never really do.