October 21

I’m very excited about a new feature I’m adding to the blog. I am fortunate enough to know such fantastic writers I thought it only fair that I share! So stay tuned for my guest blogger series. A couple times a month I’ll be posting pieces by terrific writers, many multiply-published and/or award-winning. So stay tuned. You’ll be meeting the brilliant Karen Lin in a matter of weeks!

Next, I’m posting a notice from the wonderful Sylvia Massara. Aside from being a writer, Sylvia uses her spare time to promote other writers, a very generous pursuit.

Announcing the launch of The Lit Chick Show

Authors, prepare to showcase your work! Run from two continents, The Lit Chick Show, a blog that is like a virtual TV show, features interviews with authors from all English-speaking countries.

“The Lit Chick Show is a play on the words ‘chick li’t,” says Sylvia Massara, producer and co-host of the show. “But don’t be deceived; we are not about ‘chick lit’ at all. Our show is a platform that mainly supports ‘indie’ authors.

Massara is a Sydney-based novelist who has teamed up with fellow author and freelance writer, Angie Atkinson, based in St Louis. Massara and Atkinson thought it was time to give writers of both fiction and non-fiction a ‘virtual voice’ within the world wide web; and after throwing a few ideas back and forth, The Lit Chick Show was born.

From Sydney, Australia, to St Louis, USA, and beyond, literature enthusiasts will be able to ‘tune in’ and discover established and emerging writers as well as interact online. So whether you’re an author or an avid reader, if you have an interest in anything literary The Lit Chick Show is for you.

The Lit Chick Show launched in early October, 2010.