December 28

Audrey offers the following classes in the Phoenix area. For a schedule of upcoming workshops, to schedule a private workshop for groups of five to ten, or for any other information, please contact Audrey at

LifeStories – Memoir Writing

Telling time.  We can do it with the watch on our wrist or the clock on the mantle, but fundamental time telling has nothing to do with a clock.  We mark time by the events in our lives.  Things happened after the children were born, or before we came to this country.  Through memoir, we can turn our time markers into stories that will leave a legacy, enriching our children and grandchildren.

In this workshop we will explore basic writing conventions and apply them to our creative non-fiction endeavor.  We’ll illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of our writing through the art of critique, both within the group and instructor generated. Preserve your history as a gift that your family will cherish.

"LifeStories: Memoir Writing""LifeStories: Memoir Writing"

Elements of Fiction Writing

Not sure what your Muse is, let alone how to find it?  Thought about writing but never knew how to begin?  Explore these issues and learn to discover your inner writer in this 8 week workshop.  We will use writing prompts to begin our journey; work with basic writing concepts such as point-of-view, voice, scene structure and plot; and discover our strengths and weaknesses through the art of critique.

What Students Are Saying

“You gave us a lot!  Your classes were rich and organized.  The time you spent editing – magnificent!  Thank you.  You are a gift!”

“I really enjoyed this course and I’m a little sad that it’s over.  But looking forward to absorbing everything I’ve learned and applying it to my writing.  Thank you!”

“I now have a tremendous amount of respect for fiction writers – it’s a lot of work.  At the same time, I became totally absorbed in my writing assignments.  It tapped into my underutilized creative side and it felt really good.  I’ve discovered a new outlet.  Thank you.”

I’m so appreciative of the support I’m receiving to write. I’ve procrastinated for years.”

“I feel very fortunate to have this experience – hooked on writing now, Audrey is a terrific motivator!”

“I think you have a lot of knowledge to share with your students and your enthusiasm inspires us to want to write more and to focus on improving.”

“I so appreciate the way you encouraged me to write. Through the critique, as my initial fear fell away, I found that I had a mentor – someone helping me achieve what I wanted to achieve. Thank you so much for your support.”

“You are warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable about writing.”

“Sharpening my critical eye, learning the terminology, knowing where to go to get published – this course is exactly what I needed. It was great fun! Thank you!”

“I enjoyed this class very much. It was exactly what I needed – guidelines and constructive criticism to improve my writing. Brava! Your teaching style is excellent.”

“This class has been a wonderful and inspiring experience. I’m sad to see it end.”